newbie-type comments and questions

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Posted by Travis G [ ] on December 23, 2006 at 16:58:45:

Hello all. I just found these forums - well it was several hours ago - and have been reading ever since. I am quite impressed with the loaded horn subs. Power and clarity in many of them. Nice. And Wayne - I'm impressed with your abilities, and how much post here. You must stay extremely busy!

Anyway, now that the gushing is over...

I'm looking at buying 2 or 4 BEHRINGER EP2500 (which I have read lots of good reviews on), and want speakers that will handle that amount of power (2400WRMS bridged), or at least a significant portion of it.

Finally to the questions:
1) There is a lot of talk about different designs, but where are the design specs for these folded horn subs available? Is there a listing of the most popular?

2) There is tons of discussion about the folded horns, but I haven't seen any about what you are using along with them. What is used for the mids and highs? Is it a line arrays, or something else? If it's a line array, do you have a specific recommendation on building one?



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