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Posted by Travis G. [ ] on December 24, 2006 at 00:15:08:

In Reply to: Re: newbie-type comments and questions posted by Bill Wassilak on December 23, 2006 at 21:01:20:

Bill, thanks for the info. I'm checking out those sites now.

My home audio system has been severely lacking for many years, and I'm itching to put an end to that. But I should have clarified my newbie-ness - In car audio I've been doing my own custom installs for the last 7 years and am not a newbie. It's that I'm a newbie to this level of home audio, folded horn subs, line arrays, and anything not main-stream.

I've put off doing anything with my home audio system because anything and everything I had found main stream did NOT cut it. Stupid little powered subs rated at 100W or even the overpriced 2000W powered subs - I am not impressed with their performance in a home environment. I'm used to 2000W RMS pounding me at less than 1m away in my car. I want that volume level (or at least close to) whilst sitting at my couch, 10 feet away from my TV, and I want no audible distortion at very high volume, tight bass down to at least 35Hz, and natural highs. I'm not looking for extreme clarity, but it's gotta sound good and rattle the internals. I was hoping to begin approaching that with 2 to 4 of those Behringer EP2500's pushing some fairly extreme speaker systems.

That said, I recently read about one guy's system, much of it custom designed / modified by him, including 4 custom made woofers. Of course I can't find the link right now... He has 2 6000 watt QSC amps and 2 other 500 watt amps, and all but 4 speakers look to be woofers or subs. He's hitting over 140dB in nearly every part of his decent sized basement listening room and claims to have a very flat response and natural highs at high volume with very low distortion. If it is truly as he described, then he has the kind of setup I crave.



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