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Posted by Wayne Parham [ ] on August 14, 2006 at 01:53:04:

In Reply to: Prosound Shootout posted by Wayne Parham on August 11, 2006 at 23:59:17:

The website has several discussion forums, one of which is described as being a general subwoofer discussion forum. Their stated purpose is to encourage general discussions of subwoofer designs. They did a group build sort of thing a couple years ago and came up with a basshorn which they called the LABhorn. I made a device that serves to reduce motor temperatures and thermal stress, so power handling is improved. I've included this in my 12π basshorn but made it compatible with the LABhorn, hoping the contribution to their project would be useful for them. But the chief designer of the LABhorn seems to have a "not invented here" hangup, and has consistently put down the cooling plug, even when faced with evidence that it worked and testimony from several people that they experienced performance gains from theirs. In fact, the moderator of that forum even resorted to deleting posts from people that use cooling plugs and reported them as being effective. So I challenged them to a wager.

I am willing to bet anyone $1000.00 that a stock LABhorn will blow before a 12π basshorn. The conditions are pretty simple, really. I will bet $1000.00 that it takes less power to blow a stock LABhorn than it does a 12π, proving to any naysayers that the cooling plugs are effective. Most people know this already, but there are a few vocal critics that I have extended this wager for. The two basshorns use the same woofers, so there is no driver advantage either way. It's all about design and execution. I'll even give a handicap to benefit the LABhorn - It can have dry ice or any other kind of cool stuff placed on the access panels. The 12π access panels can be completely blocked, covered so no airflow is possible across them. The challenger is free to choose the program material or test signal. The signal shall be run at 800 watts RMS for 15 minutes or until one of the loudspeakers fails. Power shall be increased 10% and run for 1 minute, then increased 10% more and run for another minute and so on until one of the speakers fails. The loser pays the winner $1000.00 and the results will be published here. If there is a challenger willing to take this bet, we'll do it at the Prosound Shootout.

For those of you that own LABhorns, please do not feel attacked or intimidated by this challenge. Most of you already know that cooling plugs give you an extra edge. They were designed with you in mind, and that's why they were made compatible with the LABhorn. They're a bolt-on add-on part for LABhorns that you can easily buy or build yourself. So feel free to bring your LABhorns, with or without cooling plugs. We would love to have you there. The wager is only for those who might want to prove something, and for those stupid enough to take this bet.


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