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Posted by Wayne Parham [ ] on August 14, 2006 at 20:37:55:

In Reply to: Re: LABhorn wager posted by Craig leerman on August 14, 2006 at 18:42:51:

First things first, how about the wager? Before we change the subject, lets talk about it. If you're confident in your arguments, you should have no trouble placing this bet. Put your money where your mouth is, why don't you?

Second, to address your comments about the deleted posts on PSW: How in the world could your rules have been broken in any of the posts you deleted? What specific rules were broken? There were at least a dozen posts you deleted showing photos of cooling plugs that people had either bought or made, and each of those posts was made by someone using their full name. So to say those posts were deleted because rules were broken is nothing but a cover up.

You have stated that you don't believe the cooling plugs work. It is purely speculative on your part, but you have been quite vocal. So I'm inviting you now to show your confidence in the things you assert so loudly by making this $1000.00 wager with me. Are you willing to do that?

You know, the LAB subwoofer forum is not a company sponsored forum like the π Speakers forum, the BASSMAXX forum, or the Fitzmaurice forum. It is bad taste to go into a company support forum and toot your own horn, so to speak. Hobbyists and end-users might discuss tweaks or tuning tricks, but competitors and their representatives probably have no business making posts in company sponsored forums. But the LAB subwoofer forum gives an impression that it is an open forum.

After the 12π basshorn design was finalized, I never initiated a thread about it on PSW, nor have I advertised there. Before working on the design, I sometimes started threads about the possibility of making an improved driver, about the push-pull configuration, and other technical matters. After I finished the design for the 12π basshorn, I answered people's questions and clarified things when I could. But I never initiated a thread or advertised the 12π basshorn on PSW after the design was finished.

Quite the contrary - When developing it, I discussed some of the features of the design and you invited me to post measurements when I was finished building the prototype. Sometime later, you evidently changed your mind.

Regardless, after the 12π basshorn became a finalized product, I never started a thread about it again on PSW. I respected the rules about commercialism on PSW, just like I would expect people to do here on ART. Frankly, since the 12π plans are sent free to anyone that asks, I don't see that discussion about it is the same thing as company representative talking about one of their proprietary designs. But since the 12π plans are licensed copyrighted material and not public domain, I treat them like a commercial product and respect rules about commercial posts. That's the way you treat the LABhorn design too, so I think you must understand.

The thing I have the most trouble with is your attitude about the cooling plug. I made a special effort to make it compatible with the LABhorn so that owners of existing horns could take advantage of it. It was a contribution to your forum. I could see during initial testing that the cooling plug made a very significant improvement, and I wanted LABhorn owners to be able to benefit from it.

Having aluminum access panels on a LABhorn is pointless if cooling plugs aren't used because there is no heat conduction path. The panels might as well be made of wood, because without cooling plugs, the aluminum plates do nothing to cool the motors. But after cooling plugs are installed, the access panels become very effective heat sinks. So when people learn this, they can easily make or buy a couple of plugs and greatly improve the performance of their LABhorns. They're very easy to add on.

But you have done everything possible to silence this. I really never understood why, and can only assume it is out of some sort of "not invented here" hangup. Your actions have harmed your own forum, because you are making it difficult for your readers to find and digest the information about the cooling plug, something that would make their LABhorns be better LABhorns with very little cost or effort.

You have presented speculative arguments as though they were legitimate, but you have not consulted anyone having a mechanical engineeing degree that might be qualified to do a proper analysis. Even when presented with test data, empirical evidence and third-party testimonials, you still stand by your speculative arguments. If that weren't irresponsible enough, you later began to delete posts that people had made showing photos of their cooling plugs and examples of the experiences they had with them. You proceded to try to make it look like the only cooling plugs in existence were the ones I had made. This is deceptive and irresponsible.

So I'm calling you to task, Mr. Leerman. I'd like for you to put your money where your mouth is. If you're so confident, I expect you'll be willing to make this wager with me. Anything else is just talk.


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