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Forum: Room Acoustics
 Topic: Sound diffuser blueprints
Sound diffuser blueprints [message #86239] Mon, 02 October 2017 11:31
sawyer25  is currently offline sawyer25
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There are plenty of these online and since a majority of them are downloadable for free, I guess someone looking to treat their room might easily get confused. Is it easy for anyone to use these plans for acoustic treatment without seeking professional help?
 Topic: How to lay out our bedroom
How to lay out our bedroom [message #81853] Tue, 29 December 2015 12:33
iLoveiPod  is currently offline iLoveiPod
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I need some advice on how to lay out speakers in our bedroom. We have your typical rectangular shaped bedroom with the TV and entertainment system dead opposite the TV. We have six speakers -- two front, two rear, a center channel, and a subwoofer. We're also looking to keep cords concealed but the speaker wires aren't long enough for that. Suggestions on optimal sound and cord concealment?
 Topic: Reflective Sound
Reflective Sound [message #75226] Sat, 12 January 2013 21:15
gofar99  is currently offline gofar99
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Hi Everyone, All you smart folks put on your thinking caps. I've been doing some measurements in my listening room. The set up is Martin Logan Electrostatics. Signal is pink noise via some of my own amps. Linearity of the signal chain is excellent (under 1 db except for the ESLs). With a calibrated mic, 1/6th octave spectrum analysis software on the PC and with the background noise normalized ....... With one channel driven it is pretty easy to get a fairly uniform response in the 400-10K range. Below that there are the expected peaks and nulls. So I can get a number of speaker locations that give essentially the same results. Listening however shows distinct differences. Some seem "nicer" than others. In stereo it is more dramatic. Much harder to get a smooth curve and much more obvious listening differences. I will see if I can develop a table of distances that have similar performance, but different sound. My thought is... and here is where I would like some input.... is that the different locations are odd and even multiples of various wave lengths that fall in key vocal / musical areas. Sort of like harmonic distortion, even ones sound nice, odd ones sound bad. What does anyone think?

Good Listening
 Topic: Any experience with Green Glue?
Any experience with Green Glue? [message #74350] Fri, 02 November 2012 22:15
VoigtClub  is currently offline VoigtClub
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Location: Cambridge, MA
I've been really curious for a while about using Green Glue...

(For those who haven't heard of it - it's a viscoelastic damping compound that when you sandwich it between drywall panels will perform like 4-8 layers of drywall without taking up the space. Compared to making staggered-stud and double-walls, it's easy as heck to install. For soundproofing, it seems like pretty much gold.

Unfortunately, it's also priced like gold!

I've been curious how much you can skimp on it and get good results. Anyone tried it?
 Topic: Alcoves
Alcoves [message #73155] Thu, 28 June 2012 09:37
audioaudio90  is currently offline audioaudio90
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Have you ever had to set up a sound system or record in a room that is essentially an alcove open to a larger room? How did it work out for you?
 Topic: Beams vs Drywall
Beams vs Drywall [message #72980] Wed, 13 June 2012 07:02
Nymeria  is currently offline Nymeria
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Do you have wooden beam ceilings or drywall? In our current house, it's drywall covered in that popcorn stuff, but we may move to a house with wooden beams. It will be interesting to see what the extra few inches of height and the different surface will do to the sound. Of course, a one-on-one comparison isn't possible since the rooms are also different shapes.
 Topic: Semi soundproof
Semi soundproof [message #72070] Mon, 09 April 2012 09:01
rogerking  is currently offline rogerking
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We will be looking to sound proof our master bedroom to have an extra TV in there once the house remodeling takes place (the room is also getting a full master bath). What is the best way to do this?
 Topic: Duncun Pro Audio
Duncun Pro Audio [message #25119] Mon, 08 October 2007 16:06
Gilipsie  is currently offline Gilipsie
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Has anyone bought any studio equipment from Duncun Pro Audio before? As far as their used equipment is concerned. Because that is what I'm going to be purchasing.

 Topic: Ambiophonics
Ambiophonics [message #25083] Tue, 22 May 2007 09:52
randle  is currently offline randle
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Is there a way for me to accomplish this method of home system setup? I learned a little about it and wanting to be able to put in in my theatre room. I heard that it was a way to bring the listener to the performer. I know not all home theatres are able to accomplish this but maybe its a way that I can actually do it by the placement of my speakers.

 Topic: Woofer placement
Woofer placement [message #25049] Mon, 27 February 2006 14:11
Wayne Parham  is currently offline Wayne Parham
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There's a great thread on (sub)woofer placement at the link below.

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