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 Topic: Equalizer and Speakers
Equalizer and Speakers [message #88323] Wed, 04 July 2018 10:01
Malfoy  is currently offline Malfoy
Messages: 36
Registered: June 2018
Do we need an equalizer if ever we will create a setup where we will use 2 or more speaker sets? I'd like to have a setup where I will use two subwoofers with 4 bandwidth speakers, if this is possible.
 Topic: Does anyone here use ceiling speakers?
Does anyone here use ceiling speakers? [message #86959] Mon, 08 January 2018 16:35
Zohanna  is currently offline Zohanna
Messages: 39
Registered: August 2017
I'm trying to create a home office for myself that includes sound but don't want big speakers that take up space. I have enough office equipment etc. that takes up enough. I was thinking about ceiling speakers. I found this: Anyone have any ideas on it?
 Topic: Best overall sound
Best overall sound [message #86458] Wed, 01 November 2017 12:44
mamoss  is currently offline mamoss
Messages: 110
Registered: May 2016
Despite the fact that sound quality is a personal decision, I tend to think that floor-standing and/or bookshelf speakers have the best sound, owing to the fact that their enclosures and drivers are matched for performance. I have never had a problem with the fact that they could easily take up floor space.
 Topic: PSB Speakers - what is your opinion?
PSB Speakers - what is your opinion? [message #86315] Thu, 12 October 2017 12:59
Zohanna  is currently offline Zohanna
Messages: 39
Registered: August 2017
I read an article about PSB speakers and the five songs that they suggest you trying on your speakers to see how they do. They are:

5) "Bloom" ODESZA
4) "Where Have You Been" Rihanna
3) "It Could Be Sweet" Portishead
2) "Limit To Your Love" James Blake
1) "Fantasy" The xx

How did your speakers do?
 Topic: New French Wireless Headphones Satisfy
New French Wireless Headphones Satisfy [message #86313] Thu, 12 October 2017 12:46
WorkingWoman2017  is currently offline WorkingWoman2017
Messages: 82
Registered: June 2017
Focal has long been the best high end brand of headphones with the two models they have out. They now have Focal Listen Wireless headphones that should satisfy even the most picky of audiophile.
 Topic: How much are you willing to pay.
How much are you willing to pay. [message #85387] Thu, 08 June 2017 11:18
Amber  is currently offline Amber
Messages: 40
Registered: April 2017
Location: Louisiana, US
I'll be the first to admit that I am willing to spend a buck load of money on something if it's worth it. How much are you willing to pay for good speakers or headphones?

 Topic: Outdoor setups?
Outdoor setups? [message #85135] Mon, 08 May 2017 08:44
Tadtone  is currently offline Tadtone
Messages: 43
Registered: December 2016
What are the best outdoor setups for speakers? So many of the built-in setups sound tinny unless you spend real money, so are there any quick tips you can give me to make outdoor sound sound better?
 Topic: Interconnect cables
Interconnect cables [message #83660] Wed, 05 October 2016 06:18
minora  is currently offline minora
Messages: 40
Registered: April 2016
I have heard that some people say that interconnect cables are better than regular cables for sound quality. The difference may be subtle, but for a price not too high, it's a pretty good barter. What is your experience?
 Topic: One Speaker Wi-Fi
One Speaker Wi-Fi [message #83626] Sun, 02 October 2016 06:35
Odie  is currently offline Odie
Messages: 20
Registered: October 2016
I have one of those small Bose room speakers that I use with my tablet via Wi-Fi. It's great!! I leave the tablet inside, take the speaker with me on the deck and adjust the volume accordingly. This is the first Bose for me other than a system in a previous car and I'm very impressed.
 Topic: Assembling your own unit
Assembling your own unit [message #83481] Mon, 05 September 2016 01:58
lilbill  is currently offline lilbill
Messages: 64
Registered: August 2016
There is a friend of mine who loves to assemble speaker parts on his own. He's never bought one before. I always tell him that it would be much better if he went commercial. I cannot trust myself with such a task and I had rather buy a ready one.
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