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Re: Low Pass [message #91218 is a reply to message #91156] Wed, 20 November 2019 08:19
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Hi Rusty,

Using four subs is the gold standard but I've been making due with 3 for a while. That 3rd sub in the rear makes a big difference compared to just having the 2 up front. You'll have great luck with the JBL in the rear of your room. The rear sub adds a bit more texture to the bass and really opens up the midrange. A real jaw dropper.

Here is the link for the transmitter. I apologize for not realizing ahead of time he'd pick a pricey solution. He's using JL subs so he went with a JL wireless device.

It's a lot more expensive than the Best Buy gear. He's had no issues with the JL transmitter but he has had many recurring issues with the JL sub amplifiers. He's swapping one of them out every 6 months or so and then months later he has to do another one. It never ends. All the amps have been replaced at least once, one of the subs is on amp number 3. I'm leery of recommending them even though the company replaces them for the cost of shipping.

When you get some time on it please post about your experiences with the Rolls crossover. I'm looking forward to hearing how it works in your setup.


Re: Low Pass [message #91219 is a reply to message #91218] Wed, 20 November 2019 09:23
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Thanks Barry. Whew. Yeah that JL gear is a might bit out of my price range. But thanks anyway. Keeping my fingers crossed regarding the plate amp I have. It's a PE amp. What I'm glad to hear is your description of the benefits you've experienced with this multi sub set up. I've been very curious about it for some time. As we all probably experience is a question of space to accommodate these not too diminutive boxes within our living space. Plus, as you have found out, implementation.

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