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1 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Mon, 03 November 2014 07:49 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: 4Pi without subwoofer
Multiple subs - both flanking subs and distributed subs - improve sound quality for any loudspeaker setup. The multisub approach smoothes room modes. See the "Room Effects and Loudspeaker Interactions" section of the π Speakers FAQ for more i...
2 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Fri, 31 October 2014 10:31 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: 4Pi without subwoofer
Certainly, you can listen to four π mains without subs. They sound great by themselves, especially in smaller rooms. But to be quite honest, adding flanking subs takes them to a whole new level. Not only do you get a better foundation but you get moda...
3 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Tue, 30 September 2014 11:13 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: Svelte 3pi
You are focused on the right things. One main thing you have to watch out for in these larger full-range cabinets with midwoofers run high is the internal standing wave modes. You can't put a sound source where a pressure node lies or it will manifes...
4 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Mon, 29 September 2014 23:19 «» By: go94022
Svelte 3pi
Hi Wayne, Been thinking about this for a long time, so apologies if the post gets over-long. Posting this to gather ideas from you and others in this forum, and also hope to get a copy of the 3pi plans/crossover as a starting point. I would to like to ...
5 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Thu, 04 September 2014 10:23 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: My new 4Pis
I just love the looks of those speakers in red! Especially with the red amp and stereo rack. Love that amp, by the way. It's awesome! When you have the time and/or budget, please do setup some flanking subs. Those have a specific purpose, which is...
6 Forum: Home Theater «» Posted on: Sat, 17 May 2014 00:41 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: Concrete walls
Concrete walls make room modes much more pronounced than rooms with less rigid walls. You'll want to add some damping, like panel absorbers, for best results.
7 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Wed, 07 May 2014 20:58 «» By: Fritz Bogott
Solved: Gnarly room modes.
D'oh. It was a mic-placement / room modes issue. Now I have the room modes to deal with, but at least I know it's not the cabs.
8 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Thu, 20 February 2014 15:38 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: How to improve?
I agree with the comments already provided. Constant directivity cornerhorns benefit from multisub installations just as much as any other loudspeaker configuration. There is some debate as to what individual loudspeaker configurations are least sensit...
9 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Fri, 13 December 2013 21:25 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: Corners and frequencies
I've designed constant directivity cornerhorns for over three decades, and the current configuration is the best I've come up with. There are a handful of competing priorities, some that you've mentioned like listener height and others too, like acousti...
10 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Fri, 06 December 2013 10:15 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: Two 3 pi subs to replace my horn?
You've got mail! Hornsubs are about 10dB louder than most direct radiating subs, sometimes even more. So it takes more power to get the same SPL, and even then, you really need more of them to prevent overtaxing them. On the other hand, hornsubs h...
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