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1 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Fri, 26 February 2021 16:28 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: Downfiring flanking subs ??
What you're describing may work well. It's definitely better to have the flanking subs near the boundary than it is to have them near the mains they're flanking. This is counter-intuitive, I know, and it would not be true outdoors where we would want t...
2 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Tue, 02 February 2021 09:16 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: 3pi update / 6pi build
Yes, standing waves occur at frequencies between 30Hz and 120Hz. That's what room modes are and they can be quite troublesome. It's what the multisub configuration is designed to mitigate. But to create standing waves in the bass requires a large en...
3 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Wed, 27 January 2021 09:45 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: Pi Studio One Tower
I like the whole concept of the 2.5-way speaker very much. It's the best and most natural way to resolve baffle step, in my opinion. Of course, that means running the lower "helper" woofer up to the baffle step frequency. This brings me to...
4 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Tue, 26 January 2021 11:19 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: 3pi update / 6pi build
That's an excellent idea. Highly encouraged! I think you would probably get deeper bass from a driver like the LAB12. But flanking subs are mostly for the upper midbass anyway, for providing baffle step correction, and for mitigating SBIR and higher...
5 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Sat, 16 January 2021 11:13 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: 2 Pi tower
I wouldn't suggest making any change to box dimensions in this model. It "rides the line" between being a transmission line and a bass reflex design. There are both internal standing waves and Helmholtz resonance in play in the bass region, s...
6 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Wed, 23 December 2020 20:52 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: Flanking subs with multi-sub optimizer, and other questions
Dipole subs will give more than one phase - which is actually good for breaking up the room modes - so I would expect good things from this kind of setup. Please report back what you find.
7 Forum: Speaker «» Posted on: Sat, 12 December 2020 18:41 «» By: johnnycamp5
Re: Futzing with vibration control
Hi Barry. I do like the sound of this preamp, it seems to get better with use. I know its controversial to say....but I swear its broken in some. Ive had the break in effect with most of my new diy gear, some more than others... As far as the speaker...
8 Forum: Speaker «» Posted on: Sat, 12 December 2020 08:52 «» By: Barryso
Re: Futzing with vibration control
Hi Johnnycamp, Googled the preamp and found it's homepage and some photos. It's a nice looking piece. Seems to have hundreds of build options, too. Do you like it's sound? My experiences with the 3, 4 and 7 pi's are different from yours. I've onl...
9 Forum: Room Acoustics «» Posted on: Tue, 24 November 2020 19:09 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: Same stereo/speakers different sound
Rooms definitely have a big influence on the sound. Think about how things sound in a small room (like a bathroom) compared to a large room (like an auditorium). The most significant influence is from room modes and self-interference from boundaries....
10 Forum: Speaker «» Posted on: Tue, 08 September 2020 13:02 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: Radian 475PB
That's awesome, Bruce! The forward lobe is right where you want it to be! Nulls roughly equally spaced and far apart, outside the vertical beam. As for the nearby boundaries - side and rear wall - give a helper woofer setup a try. It will provide t...
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