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1 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Sat, 27 April 2024 20:33 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: 7Pi cabinet building
Most plywood products are made without any attention paid to the possibility of having voids between plies. It's not usually a problem when making furniture. But for speakers, a void is often (usually) fatal. Because where there's a void, there's usua...
2 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Fri, 13 May 2022 16:54 «» By: rvsixer
Re: MDO - Instead of Plywood
Cut your stock about 1/16" oversize on any exposed edges (be it baltic or MDF/HDF). Use a flush trim bit in a router for a perfect matching edge everytime. Access to new Baltic birch right now is all but impossible due to a certain conflict. I am...
3 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Wed, 27 November 2019 15:44 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: 4PI cabinet drawing
You've got mail! Be careful with plywood though. The only product I can endorse is Baltic Birch. It is made with very thin laminates clamped under a lot of pressure and held with plenty of glue. This fills any voids present in the laminates with gl...
4 Forum: Craftsmen «» Posted on: Sat, 17 February 2018 16:10 «» By: Leonardo
Re: Building Speaker Cabinet
Sorry to butt in on your question, Reinhardt, but I'm curious about something. Would OSB be an okay alternative? I have so much of it around my house and I'd love to use it for something. I would want to sand it down some though, for aesthetic purposes...
5 Forum: Craftsmen «» Posted on: Fri, 16 February 2018 08:43 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: Building Speaker Cabinet
Use MDF or Baltic Birch plywood. You can veneer the cabinet with any sort of real wood you prefer. But you want a composite wood product like MDF or plywood because solid woods have natural resonances that you want to avoid. Also, when using plywood, ...
6 Forum: Swap Meet «» Posted on: Sat, 31 January 2015 10:08 «» By: EDube
12pi hornsubs and BFM OmniTop 12's for sale
Needs to go!! Located in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Shipping isn't as much as you may think!! 6 - 12Pi Basshorn Subwoofers ($4000 for all 6) Built using 18mm(3/4") marine grade void free baltic birch plywoo...
7 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Wed, 07 May 2014 20:32 «» By: steve f
Re: Help me troubleshoot freaky cabinet-tuning issue?
If the cabinets were plywood, I would suspect a void. I think there is a glue up error. Check all of your bracing. Make sure there aren't any gaps in the structure.
8 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Tue, 05 November 2013 10:00 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: Bamboo Plywood?
I've never used bamboo plywood. But I can tell you this for sure - It isn't the base wood you need to be concerned with, other than its tendency to form knots. The main thing to pay attention to is the adhesive and construction technique, specifically,...
9 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Mon, 09 May 2011 15:52 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: So how does this all work then..?
You're not being a pain, no trouble at all. That's what we're here for! And I know what you mean about the information overload! Sometimes, it can be just a bit too much. All the little details, and all for just two moving parts. You can pur...
10 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Sun, 02 January 2011 17:38 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: Bamboo Plywood
I've never used it, but I can tell you that I've seen a lot of plywoods that aren't suitable for speaker building. Most aren't, actually. The thing to watch out for is internal voids between plies that have debris which causes a buzzing sound. Worse y...
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