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1 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Sat, 07 January 2012 14:42 «» By: Wayne Parham
Consider constant directivity cornerhorns
I would actually suggest six π cornerhorns, since you are planning to put the mains in corners. A constant directivity cornerhorn is designed to be placed there, and maximizes the benefit of that configuration: Speaker placement and wavefront launchYou...
2 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Sat, 07 January 2012 14:28 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: PA system using Three Pi as Mains and Three Pi Sub(s)
Definitely don't run a single sub in that space. You've gone to the trouble to build the room right but you'll throw all that out the window if you just use one sub. There's no way to make that room right in the modal region with just one sub. So defi...
3 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Sat, 31 December 2011 10:19 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: how'd we get here (or where is this)?
Altec made excellent speakers in that era. Not too bad by today's standards either. But they definitely don't compare with a properly designed modern matched-directivity two-way (waveguide) loudspeaker, even though they look similar. The following d...
4 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Mon, 26 December 2011 13:50 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: JBL 2226H question: is this right?
That's good. Run a couple subs flanking, and my experience is they are generally best run out of phase with the fours. Just the opposite for threes, but that's a different story. Then run the other subs further away, nearer the opposite wall. Room mo...
5 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Thu, 01 December 2011 11:16 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: Subs as 3pi stands?
You can use the subs as stands, which effectively makes them the same as a three-way loudspeaker. But I wouldn't do that, for precisely the point you alluded to: Flanking subs. For them to work best, they must be a few feet away, in between the mains ...
6 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Tue, 29 November 2011 17:48 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: 3pi with Sonido SCW-300
The forward lobe will be right as long as driver spacing and crossover phase are right. That part is really a function of the crossover and of the midwoofer and horn position on the baffle. The stock box will work with your woofer, but as you've seen...
7 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Wed, 16 November 2011 14:06 «» By: porfido
Re: Pi-3 in little room?
Thank you, Wayne! Really interesting topics! Could you please send me plans for Pi-3 and Pi-4? Thank you very much!
8 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Wed, 16 November 2011 13:17 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: Pi-3 in little room?
Yes, the four π model will work just fine as well. But do not dismiss your subs so quickly. I recommend them for all models of loudspeakers. They're not just there for added bass extension, but also for modal smoothing. This is even more important ...
9 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Wed, 09 November 2011 12:44 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: 6 Pi
That will work. Obviously, we'd prefer a symmetrical pair of corners, but that's enough wall space to form waveguides for the range that matters - the range above the Schroeder frequency. Below that, room modes set the pattern anyway. Put subs in oppo...
10 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Tue, 01 November 2011 17:48 «» By: Wayne Parham
Notes for the DIYer
Several new loudspeaker projects have been started that are similar to my three π and four π loudspeakers. So I'm getting lots of PMs and posts asking what I'd do about this and what I think about that. Most seem to be concerned with the crossover, thi...
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