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1 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Tue, 14 January 2020 17:40 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: Flanking subs
Your flanking subs should work well there. I visualize the mains on stands, toed-in 45°. The flanking subs are just outside, on the floor. Each of the mains and its flanking sub are pushed out nearly to the side wall. This is a good setup. Then put ...
2 Forum: Pro Sound «» Posted on: Wed, 13 February 2019 11:10 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: Is the difference in sound quality all in our head?
That's all very true, Rusty. Glad you posted it. The audibility of distortions and anomalies could be and should be viewed as a weighted set, with the most audible things factoring in more than the least audible things. It's relatively easy to mea...
3 Forum: General «» Posted on: Wed, 13 April 2016 16:44 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: Analog or digital audio?
Both technologies have advantages and disadvantages, and the best systems exploit the strengths of their core mechanism and limit their weaknesses. The strength of an analog recording is it has the potential of being a perfect copy, but its weakness i...
4 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Mon, 10 June 2013 17:55 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: Pete's Home Theater Build
You're right that the benefits from the JBL driver are much more pronounced in the four π speaker than they are in the seven π cornerhorn. The woofer is low-passed at 250Hz in the cornerhorn, so much of the gain from the flux stabilization ring is unu...
5 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Wed, 10 August 2011 14:52 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: Upgrades
The higher-end compression driver is smoother and the upgraded midwoofer is both smoother and lower distortion. This is largely because of the use of shorting rings in the magnet structure. Magnet structuresThe reduced distortion is measureable, but do...
6 Forum: Pi Speakers «» Posted on: Tue, 09 August 2011 19:23 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: Start with a standard Pi ...
Kits include the speaker drivers, the connector panel, hook up wires, "π" logo decal and a printed copy of the plans. For larger speakers that incorporate a compression tweeter and crossover network, kits also include the crossover, Zobel woofe...
7 Forum: Speaker «» Posted on: Thu, 08 October 2009 10:28 «» By: Keith Larson
Re: Audibility of Phase
We are definitely on the same path and these are good words for refining the point. I guess another way to state this would be that speaker POLARITY effects both phase AND non-linear distortion. Since our ears are phase agnostic, this leaves the distortio...
8 Forum: Speaker «» Posted on: Wed, 07 October 2009 21:30 «» By: Wayne Parham
Re: Audibility of Phase
You're right about the condition that exists at high drive levels. You and I have discussed this before. At extreme levels, where a driver becomes non-linear, some (most) act differently in one direction than the other. I've seen that in woofers in pa...
9 Forum: Speaker «» Posted on: Mon, 14 September 2009 21:39 «» By: Marlboro
Ignoring the little man behind the curtain....
OK.... I will ignore the little man behind the curtain.... er, I mean the interesting home theater room... Don't be putt off my anyone suggesting to you that inexpensive drivers won't work. My own system uses a 3.5 inch driver that was widely sold o...
10 Forum: General «» Posted on: Thu, 30 July 2009 09:46 «» By: SASAudioLabs
Re: Is 16/44 high enough?
I can see other possibilities as well, such as overall rise time changes? Whatever it is, or combination you and I have pointed out, I would rather be on the safe side. Here is some more information from Dr. Kunchur's papers. "The temporal ...
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