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Who still has a working vcr and tapes? I have a Panasonic PV-7661 that eats my tape. And lots of movies too. VCR dead like the dinosaurs and never coming back.

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Can't say I miss it. Unlike the venerable turntable, the one vintage format I still go to.
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That article is from 2016 so vhs is way past over now.

There's still one vhs unit here and it was working the last time it was used. It doesn't get much use anymore as we don't tend to rewatch movies.

When it dies I Don't know if it'll get replaced with a used model from a thrift store or the old tapes will just be cleaned out.

It's odd how formats come and go. A few days ago I wandered into a few retail shops for the first time since the pandemic started and discovered that CD's are gone. Some places have a tiny (tiny!) selection of music cd's or just have audio books on the format. Vinyl? Yup, there's vinyl. DVD's. Yup. But you'll have to get your music cd's online.

It was strange.
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We use them from time to time. We have a library of stuff as well. The best ones I have found for longevity and ease of repair are by Sony. Get any of the 4 head Stereo HQ ones. There are several different models. The ones like the SLV-675HF seem to be the easiest to get and service. We have a couple of newer ones around..but they are not as good. Naturally the video quality will not be up to digital standards. But then if you are only playing stuff you already have that is not an issue. If you want to capture video now go the digital route. There are several ways to do it, but beware of the HDMI anti copy features. One way that usually works is to use a splitter that goes to both a HDMI capable TV (so the source can see you have something compatible with the anti-copy) and the other to a recording device. There are many choices. The copies are for personal use only to avoid copywrite issues.

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We have one we no longer use. Haven't in many, many years.
We even had a "rewinder" to try and preserve the player lol.

And lets not forget how you should "be kind...rewind" before returning that movie to the rental store.
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