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Been a while since I posted, life been hectic since my last post. Both good and bad, good would be that I had a planned litter of 11 Broholmer puppies (Danish mastiffs) that has kept me very busy. Now Down to 2 puppies (and 4 adult dogs) so house is a lot more calm now.

Got my crossovers back from the tech long ago, and as he expected it was a simple fix.
The black and white picture is the fixed crossover, and the picture with colors was before fix.

My pi7's is playing but is still awaiting finish, plan is satin black with turquoise midhorns.

My pups did however like the bass element of my right speaker a bit too much, they ate the dustcap of one 2225. When playing loud with heavy bass notes it does also make some scratching noises, so I guess I'm gonna upgrade to a 2226 soon.

My pi7 are in less than optimal environment, a damaged bas driver in one of the speakers, an acoustical nightmare of a room, 8 feet tall Windows surfaces everywhere(we Call it the aquarium).

Current gear is miniDSP SHD and an old Yamaha p2500 pro amp.

But the cornerhorns do make me listen to Music for hours and hours every day. Jazz, rock, metal, classical, pop, elektro, they do it all very Well. Its quickly clear if its a good recording or not.

I would call them neutral in sound, there's nothing that's missing in the sound picture, highs are good, and I don't think I would ever consider a super tweeter. Mids are clean and erhmm lush, bass is a little bit lean for my taste, but I don't feel like I'm missing much as all the notes are there, clean and well defined.

All in all, I'm extremely happy, they sound amazing in a shit room. I will make a longer review when they are fully finished and time permits.

So what's next other than finishing the speakers?

Actually using the miniDSP SHD for what its made for, so far I have only use it as a preamp and streamer, but DSP and Dirac live has been ignored.

So seeing what Dirac can do for my room and playing a bit with house curves.
After that I Will build 3 inwall subs and see where that takes me.

Best regards and thanks so much for making the plan of these well developed speakers free to everybody, that's bloody amazing




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So glad your technician was able to find the problem! I kind of thought it was that coil - Even though it is attached with silicon, it is the one most likely to shift and push a wire into a PCB trace. I don't see it as often in domestic shipments as I do international. And as much padding as I surround the crossovers with, sometimes they still take a hit I guess.

As for the dust cap, you might see if you can find a shop that recones drivers and can replace that dust cap. I know a shop here that will do it for next to nothing and the guy does great work. You can't even tell the dust cap has been replaced after he's done. That's not much help to you in Denmark, but if there's a shop there that can do it, it's well worth the time and money.

About bass, you're right that it's a little lean without subs. They're great at midbass and midrange but the deepest bass extension is best served with subs. Two subs at opposite corners setup as a Welti multisub configuration works great. You get deep bass extension and modal smoothing at the same time.
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