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I stumbled across several years of cable bills while cleaning out some files. In 1990, my cable was only $14. In 2002 it was $50. I did not have HD TV or anything too fancy. Just extended cable (main channels plus MTV, Nickelodeon, HGTV, Disc, and such). In 2005 it was $100. That's quite a jump for the same stuff. In 2012 it jumped to $150, but that included paying more for an HD TV and renting the cable box. In 2019, it's now at $179 for the same stuff I had in 2012, minus the cable box because I finally learned I could buy one outright instead of renting theirs. Switching over to digital cable definitely raised rates, though I don't know why. I've always had Cox or Comcast cable depending on where I lived since those were the only two options. I will say that the cable companies have added numerous channels over the years, so maybe that's how they justify the price increase each time. I would cancel cable were it not for the kids and the wife wanting to keep it. Have you noticed whether your bill has increased over the years?
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Cut the cable! Most paid streaming services these days are $10.00 to $20.00 and many are free.
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No kidding. Ever hear the talk about deregulation and having choices. But monopolization seems to be the end result. Maybe you could get some reasonable internet provider to cut that cable. You'll hate this. I pay 0, nothing, nada. Pure luck in that I live in an area that google experimented with providing fiber high speed internet. I use it's basic low speed and paid only for the fiber installation originally. It's good enough that a roku device can stream fairly adequately. There's lots of freebie junk and a few decent movie providers. And of course a plethora of still cheap providers for the premium stuff. We'll see how that plays out over time. The rest of my choice is old fashion air tv. Hope you can find something more reasonable. Google has given up on their little experiment. I'll ride with it as long as it's there.
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People buy cable because they're buying convenience, in my opinion. It's easier to turn on the tube and flick endlessly than it is to deal with streaming. And if the internet goes out, the cable is still on unless there's a power outage. There's no need to find the show you want, wait for it load, etc. Plus, many cable companies include their own DVR service which lets you watch the shows you want, anytime you want. Or maybe I'm just too old to go for streaming all the time. I will stream, but only when necessary.

My first cable bill was only $10, but that's back when we got 14 channels, including Nickelodeon. Before that we used rabbit ears.
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Hi, Yeah. All well and good to cut the cable if you can get local programming for news etc. Here that is not possible. Cutting the cable here is like shooting your self in the foot. Sad The cable provider is also the best internet provider so you are likely to have to pay him anyhow. Worse the speed will probably have to be increased thus more $$$. I figure now that my cable (incl phone and internet)and cell phones cost more than my house payment (it is low though) and I cover my daughters cells too. Way back the CATV (whopping 12 channels) and land line together were under $25 a month. Ugh. Mad

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