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Hello Everyone,

I'm an avid SET lover (I own a Mastersound Reference 845) I come here and read to see others point-of-views and hopefully learn something new. I don't know about you, but I just cannot get enough about audio. I visit here and many of the other well known forums. Hopefully this post isn't against the rules here, if so I apologise and ask that it just be deleted. I just wanted to inform fellow SET lovers that I started a group called SETriodes almost 4 years ago. We are starting to grow and have over 850 members. We'd like to welcome anyone here who'd like to join us. We don't want to be a substitute to AudioRoundTable, we'd like to be an additional forum you come and visit at times!

Our rules at SETriodes are quite simple and as the monitor, I try to be very liberal in allowing members to express their thoughts & beliefs. I prefer to think that anyone who'd want to join this group is probably an adult and as adults they'd know right from wrong. Please use your good judgement. Below is a complete list of do's & don'ts

As a member you can post any message that's AUDIO RELATED. This includes any comments, questions, photos of your system or audio projects, audio items for sale (CD's preamps, turntables, CD Players, LP's, guitar amps etc) audio items wanted etc. Unlike most other audio groups we allow our members to post free AUDIO RELATED FOR SALE ADS (even if they're a dealer or manufacturer) All we ask is that you don't abuse this priviledge.

The following is NOT allowed:

Belittling somebody's opinion, no matter how much you disagree.

Of course, you're allowed to disgree with another members comments. Heated debates are even encouraged, often times these "debates" become very educational for other members. Remember, if another member doesn't agree with your point-of-view, that doesn't make your beliefs and less valid. So don't take it personally and please be respectful to each other!

Criticing someone's system, unless they ask for it to be criticed.

In other words don't say: "I've heard your speakers in a system near my house and they suck." Afterall you have no idea what this person's system sounds like until you've heard it. Maybe in THIS system, in THIS room, these speakers (or any other component for that matter) sound wonderful! A better response would be "I've yet to hear those speakers in a system that exhibits the sonic traits that suit my listening preferences." This could then lead to asking if:

a) this person hears (whatever sonic traits you like, ie extended highs, good sounstaging etc) in their system

b) if so how did he accomplish it

c) if not, your explaining that the lack of these sonic traits is exactly why you don't particularily like this speaker/component

Disrespecting somebody's choices in music or audio equipment.

Everyone has the right to like any style music and any type of equipment they choose to. Some prefer tubes to solid state, triodes to ultralinear, analog to digital, digital to analog or even convenience over obtaining the last bit musicality from their system. Some like Jazz, some don't consider Smooth Jazz to be Jazz. Another person love's Smooth Jazz and doesn't like older Jazz and so on. Remember if YOUR system makes YOU happy, and if you enjoy listening to Miles Davis or Kenny G or Bach, or Yanni, or Johnny Cash, or Marvin Gaye or Snoop Dog, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks or says. This is all any of us should strive for anyway... To end up with a system makes YOU happy when you play the music YOU love!

Lastly we are NOT trying to censor anyone's opinions. We are trying to encourage civility and respect, even when debates get heated. We believe audio is a fun hobby, so we try to keep it that way. I'm a member of both SETriodes and AudioRoundTable, perhaps you'd like to be as well? SETriodes is now over 850 members strong and growing! So if you'd like to check us out click on the link!

Music never makes you sick, but noise always annoys!

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Thanks for the link, sounds like a pretty good bunch of folks. Please let them know about us too.

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