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Upcoming Kits and Assembled Components [message #75101] Mon, 31 December 2012 17:04
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Hi Everyone, As we begin the new year I thought I would provide sort of an overview of where Oddwatt is heading. First off we love diy and will support that fully as in the past. I refuse to allow commercialism to get in the way of that. That said, in 2013 we expect to expand our commercial products. Kits will bear the Oddwatt Logo and assembled products will bear VC Audio Labs / Division of Oddwatt Audio logos.

For products (kits) there are the new Oddblock Octal power amps. More of a refinement than a new product, but they now share some of the up graded components of the KT120 amps. Specifications remain the same, but IMHO the sound is even better than before.

The Forewatt continues unchanged, but a remote control one is in the offing later this year. We have tried a number of ways to do this and it seems a fully digital control arrangement is both best and easiest to implement in kits.

The Poddwatt series one (and the limited production of series 2) amplifiers is being replaced with a dual mono version. The initial ones are now in prototype stage. This is a significant upgrade to an already great amp. Look for them on sale in about 2-3 months. The Poddwatt has always been a favorite of mine and I like the new ones even more.

The KT120 mono blocks are on the street in assembled form in limited numbers. Kits will become available as soon as instructions and final kit details are accomplished. For those of you who have not built any of the kits...we pride ourselves on the quality of the instructions. Rodney takes a great deal of time and effort to insure that every kit can be assembled the first time without any problems.

The phono preamplifier is still in the offing. The three prototypes are undergoing long term testing to make sure they not only performed well when built, but continue to do so over a long period of time. A similar variant may also be included in an integrated preamp with remote control. The prototype integrated preamp with one on board is undergoing long term testing now.

A stereo integrated power amp / preamp with remote control is in prototype stage as well and being evaluated. It is sort of like a combination of a pair of Oddblocks (KT77/88) and a remote control preamp. Power and control all in a 50 plus pound package. Shocked

A guitar amp is on the drawing board with hopes it will be in prototype stage for the LSAF. Our hoe is to get some user feed back on it there. Modest in size and like all other products tube based. We are excited about the direct this might take us.

As a final thought, I want to thank all of you for your support, friendship and continuing interest. Your thoughts and insights are influential in guiding the direction of Oddwatt. We value your opinions.

Have a great new year.

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