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"Greetings programs!"

Who saw TRON last night? I wanted to, but what with 'lil Eddie and Christmas stuff going on, it will probably be after the holidays before I have time for a date night out to see it.

I remember watching the first one in the theaters. I was in the computer industry (still am) and so this movie was really cool for me. It was the first 3D computer graphics film, and it was amazing what kind of horsepower was required for that time. Probably a decade passed before anyone else did any sort of real computer generated graphics for a film, other than quick little effects. TRON was definitely ahead of its time, like by a long shot.

Can't wait to see the Legacy!

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I never seemed to be able to see the original Tron for the sole reason Disney put it out. They only like people seeing their movies through renting or buying copies of it using a false rarity type of distribution that keeps a lot of their movies out of print for long periods of time to drive up quick sales.

In any event, the new movie looks cool. I saw the lawnmower man on TV the other day and the CGI was terrible in that.

I'm glad they waited to make this movie and apparently did it right.

It cost 170 million dollars to make.

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I haven't gone to see the new Tron, but I definitely plan to.

I distinctively remember when the first one came out. Didn't really know the details about computer graphics at first, then an article came out in BYTE magazine shortly after the movie went big.

It was about how the graphics was done in the movie. The whole topic became just mesmerizing. I even learned what anti-aliasing was from that article.

I just looked up what kind of systems were used to create the original, and saw references to versions of PDP-10 running at 20-30MHz clock. Surprisingly high for its time it seems, but I guess this really was the state of the art for its time....

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I saw it last weekend. It's a sexed-up version of the first one and pretty decent, I thought. In certain parts, they made Jeff Bridges look almost the same as he did in the original, which was neat.
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It seems like a good one! I remember vaguely how the original movie was talked about in the 80's. How it had great special effects for a movie during that time...it's just like how people talked about "The Matrix" when it first hit the theaters!

Looking forward to seeing this one! Smile
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Wayne Parham is currently offline  Wayne Parham
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This is an old thread, but I was on a TRON (nostalgia) kick and watched both movies back to back last week. Made me wonder if we'd discussed it here, and sure enough, we have in several threads. I thought we had, but couldn't remember.

Pulling up this thread, I saw mention of how "they made Jeff Bridges look almost the same as he did in the original." That was the part of "CLU", the virus that Kevin Flynn (Bridges) wrote in the first movie to help him retrieve data that proved Ed Dillinger (David Warner) stole his video games, helping him rise to power in the corporation, ENCOM. Ironically, TRON, who was (Bruce Boxleitner) Alan Bradley's security program, allies with the virus CLU later on in the story, after being introduced to one another by the digitized version of Flynn, while he was inside the machine.

Anyway, I digress. The whole point of what I wanted to say was that CLU - the Bridges part in Legacy - was actually CGI. It wasn't Bridges at all, but rather a totally computer generated animation of Bridges. Quite fitting for this movie, in my opinion.

Boxleitner had a small role in the film, and Bridges had a major part. I would have like to have seen at least a cameo of Cindy Morgan too. She took your breath away back in the day, and is still a very gorgeous woman. Sure would have liked to seen her in some role. Would have been kind of cool to see Warner play some part too.

And while I'm on the subject, this thread wouldn't be complete without a link to the original:

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I have never seen it in the movie theatre. I saw it on TV and, if there were any 3D effects, I missed them but I have always loved Jeff Bridges and there, for me, was the best reason to watch it!
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