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I'm no musician, just a consumer. This recent video made me chuckle. Do you think Rick's just an old guy yelling at the clouds and doesn't get it? I don't think so, but I don't keep up with new releases.
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I think it's a mix of both. On the one hand, every generation tends to claim that nothing is as good as it used to be. That goes for music, movies, and everything else. So, critics of Beato's claim have a valid point there. On the other hand, I do think that music has gone downhill in terms of creativity and range, especially these past few years. However, I disagree with Beato's premise that we just don't care about music anymore. We still value great music, but we're constantly being marketed to and much of what we hear on Spotify, Youtube, and other platforms, is based on an algorithm meant to drive revenue. So, artists naturally reacted by creating music that is likely to please the algorithm and shoot to the top. Who can blame them? Unfortunately, it's led to a downgraded experience by the consumer, where most music sounds the same.
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I think Beato's onto something. I've noticed it with my own students. No one wants to work on their craft and hone their talent. When I've tried to give them feedback, some students balk at the idea of practicing because they can just use autotune to correct their pitch and can use computer software to create the instrumentals. Technology has helped us become lazy and unmotivated. Which means there are fewer musicians and singers out there who are ready to create great music.

Thanks for sharing that YouTube video, Mulcahy. I've not run across that YouTuber before. He's made a ton of great content. I've happily subscribed.
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I've seen this guy before but haven't given much of a listen to. There is a formulaic aspect of the music industry now days. Here's a good Youtube from years back on what that is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVME_l4IwII
It's part technology and part of the modern music industry methods of saturating the market with content. It's used in many genres of music that sounds "canned" or contrived with quantity over quality.
I've found some decent contemporary music from various sources. But in the wake of all this banality being passed it seems slim pickings overall.
I'm older so I probably fit into the generational gap that has always existed with popular music. Actually I've always preferred music of the past to what generally existed through my decades. My music collection reflects that.
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