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You know those times when you'd prefer not to hear anything aside from your music. Turning the speakers to the loudest and just enjoying the tune. What's the highest volume acceptable at your place?
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I usually wear headphones when I really want to crank it up, and then it doesn't matter how high I go. I'm sure the HOA around here has a limit on volume, but I have no idea what it is. Maybe that's a sign that I'm getting old.
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Phonetic Ear is currently offline  Phonetic Ear
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At least not loud enough to wake up the people sleeping. I'm good with sounds that have a volume of around 60. I think I'm more sensitive than others when it comes to loud sounds. I wouldn't even bother going for the highest one.
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I don't need to pin my ears back like when I was young. And going out to hear too much crazy loud music from then has anointed me with tinnitus now. So, the paradox is I need it loud enough to get in the groove but not too loud to irritate. I have a sweet spot I maintain, but I'll bump it up a little now and then when the music moves me.
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Not really sure what is being asked but personal experiences and correspondence with other tinnitus-enduring folks goads me to post thoughts.

- Sometimes I still crank things in one room to hear them everwhere so have adopted ear muffs upstairs when running around so as to be able to approach the equipment w/o intolerable levels. Ear plugs help, but inconvenient and muffs are faster to just go hit a button or two. To the OP from a geezer--be careful--damage happens fast and isn't reversible.
- A hearing-damaged friend who has removed his streaming/digital sources completely and runs 60's Fisher FM into SE 45's and a mono Georgian has reported big improvements
- Quite open (30 ppi) cell foam in some (non-CD) horns is a great aid as well to both of us. Experimentation required, and re-balancing levels required, but the improvements are apparent immediately.
- For reasons that aren't clear, large experimentation with driver positioning has also produced standalone improvements (just don't call it time alignment in front of Wayne) Smile
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Well, I'm not too fond of loud noises when I hear them from other people, so I always wear earphones out of consideration. I usually start at 50 for the volume and just alter the sound from there. The only time I enjoy loud volumes is when watching a movie. Laughing
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