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Hi Everyone, The title says it all. Over the past 2-3 weeks we started to see between 1 and 5 medium size red ants in the living room. Which incidentally is my listening room as my spouse stole my real listening room after I put the wide screen there. That is a story for another time. Back to the ants. They show up between 8 PM and morning. Generally in the same area. Roughly about a 10 foot radius in one corner of the room. Some background. The house is brick and while there are some minor cracks there are no gaping ones. Concrete slab and it is in actually really good condition. This type of ant is common here but usually has huge underground nests. Not like carpenter ants that will move into the house and tunnel in the wood. The ants will roam (according to the web) up to 100 yards from a nest looking for food. There is nothing to eat in the living room. Zero. I can't find any nearby nests either. When we first moved in here there was one so big that it probably was listed on the deed. I caulked everything that had any gaps, searched for any entry points and can't find any. There are no consistent ant trails but they do seem to favor the one area. Spectracide does a number on them and they are always dead. Some satisfaction in that...but I want them gone. Enough rant for now. Mad

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You know, I lived most of my life in Tulsa, so I didn't really have much grasp on the problem of pest control. Mostly this is because population centers tend to limit the populations of lots of bugs. Some cities spray insecticide, especially when there are outbreaks of diseases carried by disease-bearing insects, like West Nile. But even without this kind of insect control, the mere fact that cities tend to deter wildlife civilizations has a side-effect of deterring some insect populations, especially those that that act as parasites on the wildlife. So having grown up in Tulsa, I wasn't aware of many of the problems of insect control.

Now that I live in Bella Vista - in the Ozarks - I am surrounded by a lot of trees and wildlife. It's beautiful here. But that also brings with it a whole new set of problems in the form of pest control. Lots of bugs and lots of other little nuisance critters.

So all that to say I feel your pain. We have been using a pest control service for many years. Not so much for the small animal critters, all though some of the bugs we treat for are food for small animals so treating for one naturally solves the problems from the other. An example is treating for grubs makes it much less likely that the yard gets dug up by animals that seek to eat the grubs. A big one I always treat for is ticks. If you live here for twenty years and don't treat your property for ticks, the chances of getting one of the tick-borne diseases rises to nearly 100%.
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