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It Seems The Pendulum Swings Again

Forgive me for the musings of a senior citizen.

I was listening to a vintage LP today and thought how suitable the lyrics are to the things going on today. The LP is "The Kingston Trio Time to Think" (Capitol ST 2011). It is roughly 55 years old. That was about the time I stated college and the height of the Vietnam War. The Lyrics deal with patriotism, immigration, prejudices, protests, and hope for the future. The general theme is that things are not going well but we can improve things if we work at it. It seems to me that while we managed to accomplish many things since then the fixes didn't stop the problems from resurfacing again. I can't tell for sure what went on 100 to 110 years ago but I wonder if a similar situation existed then. My musing is that about once every other generation we may have to relearn how to be civil and work together. I hope I am wrong as our means of doing the opposite are growing ever more dangerous and the next time around we might wipe ourselves out.

Good Listening
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Dude, that's awesome. I feel this way too. It rushes over me, just like you've described. I don't have that album, so I'm on a quest to find it. Gotta find it in vinyl, if I can. Smile

To comment on the core of the matter, I think my interactions with my environment can influence it, just a little bit. So since I think that, it's important that I be responsible about what I do.

I think it's important for me to try and interact with people in ways that won't make things worse. And to tell the truth, I'm opinionated, judgmental and easily angered, so the core of who I am makes it not always easy to keep from "making things worse." I could easily lash out or tell people exactly what I thought. But I suppose in this instance, it is sometimes better to remember that "Nothing pays off like restraint of tongue and pen. We must avoid quick-tempered criticism and furious, power-driven argument. The same goes for sulking or silent scorn."

So while I may be emotionally charged and driven to tell people what I think, or to nudge and goad them, what I'm really is doing is trying to change them. I must remember that there's no need for that. I am not made happier if I force someone else to see things my way. I may think I'm showing them the light, but what I'm really doing is just annoying them or even completely pissing them off.

As a result, it is my opinion that the best thing I can do is to respect other people's opinions, thoughts and fears by refraining from challenging them. I can cooperate. I can be open and honest about my thoughts if I feel they will be appreciated, or I can refrain if I sense it will just descend into a senseless argument. I certainly don't need to change anyone else. If I can live happily in their (physical or online) presence, then I will engage with them. If I can't, then I will refrain. That's the whole concept of "boundaries" and I like it.

I mean, I can always pick a fight too. I can engage in battle. I can tell the stupid sons of bitches what I've learned, and I can debate them or even physically fight them. I can get involved in demonstrations. I can impose my will upon others that really need to learn the truth 'cause they're so stupid.

But I think, then, than nobody is listening. Everyone is just talking shit. Or fighting and dying. For nothing.

So I think I'll go find that album you're talking about and listen to it. And while I'm doing that, I'll build something useful, like filing the rings for my Impala engine and making them ready to go on the pistons. Later, I'll invite a friend over to my house that lives alone, so I know is lonely.
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I can remember the song Greenback Dollar. I would have been about 10 then. Kennedy was assassinated the same month of the release of that album, November 1963. I was in the 5th grade and will always remember the teacher, Mrs. Clark announce John Kennedy shot in Dallas. School was dismissed that grey rainy day. For me then, that moment, was my introduction to the dysfunction in society that I wasn't aware of. And the beginning of much more to come, with the profound upscale of the previous, "police action" of a little old place called Vietnam. The consequent social unrest it unleashed and the great upheaval in civil rights in the apartheid southern states.
The Kingston Trio were a clean cut acceptable folkie group. I read that this album was their take in response to the burgeoning socially conscious work of Dylan, Mama's & Papa's and Peter Paul & Mary.
To me that decade was a proper response to an overwhelming amount of despair of the way things were and had been for decades prior.
What ever comes out of todays many challenging problems I hope can be dealt with some sense of contemplative thought from the many reasoned and inspiring minds. But I'm not surprised with the unrest that is going on. I don't agree with all the actions that unfold and feel it's counterproductive to the intent desired. That seems to be the messy part of democracy. But I also feel change has to come from a ground swell of the population that want to effect it. We've got alot to deal with for sure. Lets get r done.
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