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anybody own one or know about DEQ2496? a lot has been written about DEQ2496 over the years because it can upgrade your stereo system big time and does not cost that much. A lot of reviews and discussions on the net. one of these years I may buy one. as good as the DEQ2496 is it suffers from quality control. perhaps gofar99 can mod this thing. Please google Behringer DEQ2496.
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What are you going to use it for? If you are going to use many amps and individually drive woofers and tweeters with separate amps it might be just the thing.

I had a similar device, a Driverack PA, that was bought to do room correction. Ultimately it was abandoned as it only helped a bit at the sweet spot but seemed to make the rest of the room sound worse. It also seemed to remove some of the beauty of the tube gear in the system.

A far better solution turned out to be multiple subs. They did more to make the room listenable than the EQ and they do their magic throughout most of the room.

The Behringer may or may not be the answer. Just depends on the question.
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Hi, I own one and it is just fine. However I removed it from my system as it is too easy to complicate the sound field. Easy to adjust each frequency and end up with according to it flat response that sounds funky. If you keep the adjustments to 1-3 db it is pretty good. The features are best suited for a system that is unchanging. Mine is always changing and it works quite well without the 2496.

Good Listening
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I had the DEQ2496 and DCX2496 for quite a while. I was running tri-amped, so couldn't do without the DCX, and the DEQ did an OK job of what it was supposed to do. The auto-EQ stuff used noise to EQ, and it was sort-of slow and didn't seem to converge all that well. Not so long ago, I got an old fashioned crossover for mid->high and switched to a DriverackPA-II. I has the functions of both the DCX and DEQ, and to me, the system sounded better than it did originally (gained a rack slot, too). It's auto-eq uses a swept tone and is much faster. Plus, it talks over ethernet and the remote software has an RTA function if you like blinky lights and dancing bar graphs. :^)

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