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Enjoying movies that most people don't [message #90082] Wed, 10 April 2019 12:32 Go to next message
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Have you ever read online reviews about a movie but still went on to watch and enjoy it? Though I cannot them off-head, there are quite a number of movies that I enjoyed watching, even though these were not so publicly popular.
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Rusty is currently offline  Rusty
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I watched a movie recently that I'd never heard of my sister told me about. Called, Let The Right One In. Maybe because it's a Swedish movie, I'd never heard of it. But, apparently it got good reviews here and abroad from it's release in 2008. Regardless the reviews, the story seemed compelling to me, so with subtitles I watched. And I thought it was excellent. Based on a novel are two lonely Swedish kids, a boy tormented by bullies and parents divorced, and a strange little girl, (seemingly) who seems unperturbed being outside in freezing cold with no coat. They become friends gradually, meeting at the play gym outside their apartment in the dark. In time the boy finds out this girl is a vampire. As she says, she's been 12 for a long, long time. There is alternating grizzly realism, her dispatching victim's to get her nourishment and she and the boy's strange friendship. He's unfazed with the knowledge of her status in life. In the end the girl makes sure her friends tormentors are taken care of. It's nice to get a different perspective in movies of other countries and cultures without the Hollywood treatment. I'd recommend it highly, but it may not be others cup o tea. And that's alright with me. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1139797/
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Lost the Remote is currently offline  Lost the Remote
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I like a lot of sci-fi movies that are so bad they're good. Plan 9 From Outer Space is so ridiculous that it's funny. You'll find just about every sci-fi/monster character thrown in. This Island Earth is an oldie but a horrid goodie. It's pretty bizarre. Heck, I even enjoyed Battlefield Earth with John Travolta for its Scientology wackiness.
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Now that you mentioned it Rusty, I think people pay so much attention to Hollywood movies, so much so that they fail to realize that there are a couple of other movies that are not so popular but still great to watch. Lost the Remote, we all loved John Travolta and back in the day, I'd watch any movie he starred in.
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I love watching low budget movies. They have a certain magic to them that the blockbuster movies just don't have. Personally, I dislike all the superhero movies that are so popular right now. I mean, how many freaking times can the same story be told and earn 200 million dollars? Many times, apparently, but hopefully the trend ends soon.
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I never really take online reviews into consideration because I know that my movie taste is very different from most people. As long as the plot sounds promising to me, I always watch them.
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