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I'm creating a media room and have been researching how to get the most bang for my buck. I ran across an article on The Balance website which states an LCD/LED television generally lasts between 4-10 years while a plasma television is only good for about 3 years. Do televisions today really last for such a short time or is the article writer mistaken? It seems this is one of those scenarios where I should spend more up front to get a longer lasting model, so which brand would you recommend? I had my old television for 20 years before I dumped it for a flat screen. My old tube T.V. still worked perfectly, but I wanted a newer model.

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From my own experience, that sounds about right for a lcd/led tv. I have a Samsung, and they're generally well regarded. Mine has had two brushes with mortality. The first and worst was the channels wouldn't tune in or show a picture. I found a local electronic repair that specialized in these tv's. A little over $100 saved me from going out and plunking down a half grand or so replacement. The second glitch was the volume control would go haywire and the sound would go up and down all by itself. Looking on YouTube there was a fix by opening up the tv and disconnecting a wire. So, my advise is, don't throw a great amount of money into one of these things at the get go. And when something crops up, check out some reasonable interventions to fix it. Obsolescence seems to be part of the ownership these days.
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I've had a Samsung LCD TV for about 10 years now. I had some problems with it 5 years after I purchased it. The television took a very long time to turn on and eventually stopped turning on altogether. It was a cheap and simple fix. I had to replace the capacitors. I believe many others had this issue as well. Other than that, the TV has worked perfectly.
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Hi I have a Visio, Sanyo and Samsung and two are about 10 years old and one 5. All work fine. The Visio and Sanyo run about 14 hours a day.

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I have had a Samsung LED for 6 years now and so far, I haven't had any issues with it. There are people who have had similar sets for over a decade and I think somehow it comes down to individual use.
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