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moss24 is currently offline  moss24
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A lot of people don't like being criticized and I always look at such people as either being obnoxious or overly obsessed with themselves. I believe that negative criticism works in one's favor, a whole lot of the time.
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Vernon is currently offline  Vernon
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So does minding one's business sometimes. I have met a lot of people who felt the need to let me know whenever I made the littlest mistakes, and sometimes that can take its toll on someone's confidence.
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Cortney is currently offline  Cortney
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I like your response Vernon. You're so right. A lot of people like to criticize others a little too much - constructively or otherwise. I think sometimes it's best to keep those kind of statements to yourself or else risk getting slapped once in a while.
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Singlow is currently offline  Singlow
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I think that it's always a good thing to feel free enough to be able to express yourself no matter what, but people should also consider the other person's feelings. I am all for honesty but not when it comes at the cost of hurting someone else.
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gofar99 is currently offline  gofar99
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Hi, This may be part of a bigger issue, at least to me it seems so. We have become a society that wants to blame people for things. We want someone else to be the one at fault and not accept our own personal responsibility for problems ...or when something goes wrong. So pointing out someone else's failure somehow makes us feel better...or at least superior. It may also relate to our ever increasing isolation. We communicate frequently by electronic means rather than in person. It is really easy to criticize someone by electronic means. You don't really need to confront them, there is no likelihood they will punch you in the nose, you don't have to witness their manner of handling the issue. A very long time ago I decided that only type of response I would give would have a positive slant regardless of how big the "fault" was. Providing a positive response is often likely to form the basis for better action in the future. The person on the receiving end will not "tune out" on you and may start thinking along lines of how to avoid not only the basis for the criticism, but apply the thought process to new or other situations. This brings me back to the initial thought that by providing a positive response you can feel good and in a private way, superior (don't over do it). Just my two cents, about 98 more and I can get a cup of coffee.

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Duks is currently offline  Duks
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I think it is important to be able to differentiate between constructive criticism and pure negativity. Some people are just not that happy with their own lives and overly criticizing others makes them feel better about themselves. When dealing with such people, don't take their words too personally.
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Newjack is currently offline  Newjack
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I think it would do everyone a world of good to be able to take some criticism. I feel many people are so sensitive nowadays that the smallest negative comment is made out to be a huge insult. I try to just keep quiet and mind my business, though.
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Echo is currently offline  Echo
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We never like to be criticized; however, a little bit of constructive criticism never hurts. People who like to criticize too much are the ones I find obnoxious.
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RattiCobain is currently offline  RattiCobain
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you should not give importance to people who criticize, you have to ignore them, for the good of one
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