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Posted by CJ [ ] on December 30, 2007 at 21:09:36:

In Reply to: Small basshorn specs posted by 99bottles on December 30, 2007 at 09:32:57:

I'll refrain from mentioning names; This has happened before and the head honchos of some audio forums are very good at sabotage if the talk gets too close to putting a chink in their armor. Seems if you step on certain toes they'll stop at nothing to make you feel stupid, discredit you and defame you. Once their minions get started its like piranha on a feeding frenzy and the good ol boy network stands behind them every time. It is almost impossible to discern the truth from fabrication in the sea of opinions and comments out there.

On the matter of basshorn size, in my admittedly experimental amateur's opinion here's my 1¢ worth. If a horn is too small and the designer tries to push bottom end extension too low, the compromise requires either efficiency will be low or response will be lumpy, or both. Distortion is proportional to excursion so if a horn is compromised, distortion goes up. Response, efficiency and bass extension are proportional to size, so if the horn is small you have to sacrifice at least one of those things. There is no magic bullet.

A small basshorn can be made right if deep extension isn't needed. You just have to design it right for its size and not try to make it try to be something it's not. Don't try to fit 10' of path length in a monkey coffin size box. That's how I see it but WTFDIK.


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