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Posted by Wayne Parham [ ] on March 05, 2007 at 14:02:00:

In Reply to: Re: Hornsub shootout RESULTS - 12π posted by Josh Billings on March 05, 2007 at 13:32:09:

All power levels at the 2005 Prosound Shootout were per cabinet, not per driver. The impedance was measured and used to calculate voltage to set power level. This drive level was then used for the measurement sweep.

You'll notice that we tested the 12π with its cooling plugs up to 2400 watts RMS. I've also tested without cooling plugs and found that the LAB12 driver cannot withstand this same test beyond 400 watts, or 800 watts for a pair.

The LAB12 meets its published power specification of 400 watts RMS. It cannot handle sustained power levels beyond 400 watts RMS (or 800 watts as a pair) unless cooling plugs are used. With cooling plugs installed in a 12π basshorn, you can run 1600 watts continuously. Naturally, peak power levels are increased as well.

The LAB12 driver can withstand peaks in excess of 400 watts, as shown in the "music program" rating of 800 watts. This is a different way of describing how the speaker handles power, and should be compared with other "music power" specification ratings. A LAB12 driver with a cooling plug can handle 1600 watts "music power". When a pair of drivers is used in a basshorn, then "music power" rating is 1600 watts without cooling plugs and 3200 watts when cooling plugs are used.


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