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Posted by moray james [ ] on October 30, 2006 at 20:16:27:

I posted this at speakerplans after omeone asked for a single 12 folded horn. I was kind of surprised that there was zero interest. I am not a horn designer but these looked god and not overly complex and Bec seems to know what he is up to. So I will ask here. Anyone build any of the Beck horns? Are there serious flaws to his designs? The measurements seem a bit optomistic re output but not out of line with some other makers. Anybody done any kind of evaluation on these horns?

Does anybody here have any direct experience with the Beck horn designs? Beck built and sold these in Germany for a time. The horns would seem to be clean well designed and of reasonable size. I am curious why they do not seem to be very popular. Thanks for any input. Best regards Moray James.



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