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Posted by Wayne Parham [ ] on September 21, 2005 at 17:17:12:

In Reply to: Hornsub shootout posted by Wayne Parham on July 24, 2005 at 21:22:54:

Yesterday, I went to the race track to make final arrangements, check power, etc. While I was there, I clicked a few photos so all the exhibitors could get a feel for the place.

Tulsa Raceway Entrance

Notice the two semi trucks in the background behind my car. A Pro Gas racer had rented the track for a private tuning session. He was running 8 second quarter mile times, making that wonderful smell.

Staging area seen from inside the announcer's booth

The Tulsa track is nice, with a good launching pad and a perfectly straight and flat 1/4 mile run. If you look closely, you'll see the lanes begin a slight incline after the cars pass through the traps. That's because the fastest cars are going over 300 MPH at this point, and it helps 'em slow down. They go from zero to 300+ in less than 5 seconds in just a quarter mile, and then they have about 3/4 mile past that to get it shut down before hitting the sand trap. Most street cars turn off at the first or second exit, but the top fuelers need the whole road. The fastest cars these days are running the quarter mile in less than 4.5 seconds. That's quick! Most passenger cars don't cross an intersection from a stoplight that quickly.

We'll have the track all to ourselves until 6:00pm. After that, cars will begin to show up. So we will have a large quiet area for the day. Well, I don't know how quiet it will be, but I mean we won't have the rumble of race cars and dragsters during the day.

The complex is a mile ling and about a half mile wide. So we have plenty of space and no noise constraints. Here you can see an arial view of the entire track. The areas marked by the roads (white lines) mark a square mile. Tulsa is laid out on a grid with major roads every mile. There are North-South roads and East-West roads. The one shown on the left is Highway 169, which is parallel and very close to Garnett Road. The road at the bottom is Apache and the one at the right is 129 E. Ave. Just off the photo at the top is 36th Street North, which is the exit you take off Highway 169 to get to the track. You can see how the exit ramp takes you onto Garnett Road, which takes you to the track entrance. Each of these roads is a mile apart, forming a grid. Here's a map.

Tulsa raceway, arial view

Tulsa raceway, zoomed to show about 1/2 mile across

Tulsa raceway, zoomed to show about 1/4 mile across

Spectator Seating, North Side

We will setup in the parking lot north of the track. The main power transformers and distribution area is under the spectator seats on the north side. All utilities are run underground, but we have access to them here.

Power Distribution

Our main interconnect is a 70A line. There's a spool of wire to a utility box where we can connect. This will roll out to the parking lot and I'll terminate it with appropriate connectors prior to the Prosound Shootout. We'll have plenty of power, and I'll wire in a large connector for the main power amp and a barrier strip for the rest of the equipment.

70A line

Here's a view from the transformers out to the parking lot. This is under the spectator seats. We'll spool our lines out into the parking lot from here.

Under the spectator seats on the north side

Below you'll see a view of the parking lot, looking northeast, showing the restroom building. The field extends much further to the north, basically a large flat expanse.

Pit area and north parking lot

This is a photograph of the same area, but taken from the announcers booth, three stories up. The camera is pointed northeast. You can get a better idea of the layout here, showing the pit area, concession stand, restroom and the land beyond. The semis are for the racer that was there that day.

Pit area parking lot seen from the announcer's booth

Nothing but land, looking straight north from the announcer's booth:

View straight north from the announcer's booth

Seen below is the view northwest from the announcer's booth. You can see the track entrance and the lanes where racers wait to be staged.

Track entrance

Ground level view of the track from the entrance

Ground level view of the pit area parking lot

Track viewed from above the announcer's booth


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