The shop is crankin' out 12π basshorn subs!

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Posted by Wayne Parham [ ] on June 14, 2006 at 21:17:10:

They're really doing great work with these. CNC cut pieces, dado construction, all precision cut and fit. They're impressive and I thought you might want to see a few photos from an inside view.

The 12π prototype was cut by hand and assembled using glue and wood screws. You can see a write-up of the prototype assembly process in the post called "12π basshorn - Coming together". Information about the design is available in the post called "12π basshorn subwoofer". The ones we're making in the shop are from CAD drawings and cut on a CNC, so fitment is perfect. Makes alignment of the pieces much easier too.

Side panel and braces

Close-up view of motor chamber dado cuts

Side panel and motor chamber internal panels

Motor chamber close-up

Front chamber fill pieces

Side panel

Mouth braces, close-up

Sides mounted, rear open

Nearly finished, ready for drivers, cooling plugs and panels

Brad examines his work


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