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Posted by Frank Stuppel [ ] on May 13, 2004 at 23:29:01:

Heart of Holland are the premier European company selling "kits" for amplifiers. I have arranged that they will assemble one of the kits, and send the assembled amp to me. I will then send the amp out for review among the members of the AudioRoundTable, (the only cost to the member is one way shipping).

1) If you would like to participate in the review process, you must email me with your name and shipping address.
2) The member will be allowed to keep the amp for up to 2 weeks, before shipping it to the next member.
3) The member will be required to post a review of the amp in terms of sound and value.
4) After 2-3 months we should have a good feed back on the pro's and cons of the amp.
5) At that stage I will take orders for a "group purchase" of the kits.
6) Because we expect to purchase a good quantity of these kits, I will sell the kits at an extraordinary low price. At this time I don't have the exact price. But before we start I will post the price
7) Anyone interested in reviewing the amp kits, or has any questions, can contact me at frank@FSAudioWeb.com.
8) To read up about the kit follow this link. Its the Stoetkit Junior that we will use at this time. http://www.heartaudio.nl/stoetkit/stoetkit.html
9) This is an ideal amp to drive those efficient speakers you are building.


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