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Posted by FredT [ ] on May 25, 2006 at 12:00:17:

Here's a first picture of my version of the full range single driver MLTL bipole speakers I heard in Jim Griffin's room at the GPAF. I completed the enclosures just this morning, so they're still not veneered. The kit is available from Creative Sound Solutions.

The forward-firing full range CR125S drivers produce the full frequency spectrum without the treble peaks and other artifacts often heard with Fostex and Lowther drivers, along with surprisingly deep bass for a 4.5" driver. The drivers are only 86dB sensitivity, and the front and rear drivers are wired in parallel resulting in a four ohm load, so they are not intended for use with low powered tube SET amplfiers. The 40W/ch Monarchy class A zero feedback solid state amp I'm using to break them appears to be a good match.


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